This module has blog header and subheader and an option to show up to 20 recent blog posts of your choice.

The module has 3 field groups (“Module Settings”, “Blog List Settings” and “Blog Style) and a toggle button (hide/show the module).

“Module Settings” tab

Background Options
- Color
- Image
- Image + Overlay
- None

Note: the “Image + Overlay” will only work if you also change the background color’s opacity.

Vertical Padding – top and bottom padding of the module
Horizontal Padding – left and right padding of the module

“Blog List Settings” tab

Blog – Option to choose a blog

Choose specific Tag – show/hide ta “Tag Style Settings”

Tag Style Settings:
Tag – choose a specific tag
Show Tag in Blog Feed – show/hide tag in a blog post
Tag Text Color – tag text color
Tag Background Color – tag background-color
Tag Font Size – tag font size
Tag Border Radius – tag border radius

Total Posts – show 1-20 posts in module
Columns per row – can show 1-5 column per row
Show Featured Image – show/hide featured image
Show Header – show/hide header and sub header

blog feed image 1.1

See blog feed image 1.1

Header Settings
+ Header Type h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
+ Text Alignment – change alignment of the Heade rand Sub Header
+ Header – change header text
+ Header Color – change header color
+ Sub Header – change sub header text
+ Sub Header Color – change sub header color

“Blog Style” tab

Show Background Color – show/hide

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